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is a full service video production company. We have the creativity you need to emotionally invest your audience.

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From the Executive Producer

While I have my own stories that I love to tell, I relish the challenge of trying to tell other people’s stories. Every one of us has a story to tell. The question becomes, “How do you tell it?”

In today’s world of the visual medium, it has become easier than ever to tell your story. With the lower prices of today’s equipment, and the proliferation of websites like YouTube, almost everyone can be a video producer. While these advances have been wonderful, they also bring up a hidden pitfall. Good storytelling using the visual medium is an art form not a well intentioned, amateur pursuit. The best analogy I know is to compare a gourmet meal at a five star restaurant with a plain hamburger.

And video is such a powerful medium.  It's more than pictures, more than sound.  It's a blending of the two that tends to have greater success at
being remembered by your audience.

This is where we come in. Dan Duffy Productions has the creativity you need to emotionally invest your audience. Whether you have 30 seconds to sell your product, or 30 minutes to explore the intricacies of a mission, we have the experience to make your story a compelling one. We pride ourselves on telling your story, the way you want it told to your chosen audience.

Before a single frame of video is ever shot, we will explore with you what you want to say and to whom you want it said. Because we are a full service company, we provide everything you need, from videography, to writing, to editing, to packaging, and you are involved in the entire process. You will not find surprises with our company. You will never have to say, “Wow, that’s not really what I was looking for.”

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unswerving, and we will not be satisfied until you are 100% thrilled with your story. There’s nothing more gratifying for me, personally, than hearing a client say, “I knew I had something to say, but I never knew it could be said like that.”

I thank you for the opportunity to help you to tell your story.

Dan Duffy
Executive Producer – Dan Duffy Productions