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is a full service video production company. We have the creativity you need to emotionally invest your audience.

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The Stepping Stones of our Past…The Pathway to our Future

In 1986, Stepstone Productions, a 501C corporation, was founded with a simple mission of using creative video production capabilities to emotionally invest audiences and to make a difference. By 2000, the list of accolades from award winning producers was substantial. When people looked at production companies to fulfill their video needs, Stepstone was usually at the top of the “Best of the Best” list.

And then came the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Most of the funds that were available to non profit organizations for video production were being rerouted to other needy areas, and many independent video production houses across the United States closed their doors.

Stepstone managed to stay alive, but a new business model had to be implemented. That new model is Dan Duffy Productions. Our company has come up with a new approach to creating videos. With technology ever changing, we have made the investment to streamline production. With new, faster editing systems and a single producer/editor approach, work can be completed faster, with absolutely no drop-off in quality or care taken with clients.

We offer unsurpassed quality and faster turnaround times. Our key is the one-on-one relationship that the producer shares with each client. Guesswork and the potential for miscommunication have been effectively eliminated from the entire production experience.

And because overhead is low, our company can offer programs at a fraction of what some companies charge for lesser quality.